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KeyLogger Screenshot

Just $45


Key logger is one of the best PC monitoring software to track every activity of external user on your computer system when you are not around. Professional keyboard tracking utility captures all keystrokes typed on the computer system. Software records entire chat details, internet activities, user login, passwords, email IDs and text documents in real time. Best surveillance tool runs unseen in the background and completely hidden from everyone except you. Software is undetectable in System Start, Program files, Add/Remove program list and even on Desktop.

Single User License

Multi User License

2 PC License $85
5 PC License $175
10 PC License $270
Corporate License $369

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Award winning software easily installed on your system within seconds and allows you to remotely view keystroke activities of friends, spouse, children’s, employees etc performed on your computer. Software automatically prepares log files of entire PC activities either in text file format or html file format as per your choice. PC surveillance tool provides option to mail the recorded data at user defined email ID as per your settings. In case you are away from your home or office, this feature helps you to avoid accessing the PC again on which you have installed the monitoring software and you can get PC activities details on your email automatically without sitting on that PC personally.

Computer supervision utility is password protected that prevent external user from login the software or do any changes in the log files. Parental monitoring software helps in tracking all computer activities of children, kids, spouses, friends and colleges. Employee monitoring software helps Company officer to monitor employees' PC activities to prevent data theft from business computers. Government, law enforcement and investigative agencies can gather critical data from PC activity tracker program in order to control the Cyber crimes.

Software Features:

  • Invisible and undetectable on system Startup, Program files, Add/remove program list and no Desktop icons.
  • Provide complete and detailed information of every keystroke, chat conversations, websites, computer name, login/passwords and all other programs run on computer system.
  • Records all typed URL's of any websites including Internet Explorer, Opera and Netscape navigator.
  • Automatically prepares the log files of entire PC activities and generate the report either in txt or html file format.
  • Provides option to mail recoded log file data at user specified ID.
  • Software is password protected which prevents other users to see log file or to change its configuration setting.
  • Extremely easy to use provided with user-friendly graphical interface.

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Advance Keylogger Utility Screenshot

Just $49

Advance Keylogger Utility

Advance Keylogger Utility is invisible tool that records every pressed keys and different computer activities of external user on the PC while you are away. Software secretly tracks Keyboard activities including System activities (typed Keystrokes, Clipboards, Screenshots, Computer Applications, Sound clips), Internet activities including Website visited, Temp files and Internet Cookies, changes made in System Date/Time and entire Desktop applications all in real-time.

Single User License

Multi User License

2 PC License $88
5 PC License $195
10 PC License $296
Corporate License $399

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Powerful software runs smoothly in background and remains hidden in Start Menu, Add/Remove program list and System installation files. Thus user have no idea of keylogger functioning. Keylogging program provides advance feature to record entire PC activities in encrypted log file with option to mail recorded data at user’s defined email IDs. Multifunctional key logging software is password protected preventing unauthorized user to access the software or modify the log files.

Highly secure application, always aware you about what has been performed on your personal computer by spouse, children, relatives, office employees, friends or neighbors in your absence. Software provides the detail working hours of employees in office and record online time, web usage activities of children and spouses on family PC`s. Keyboard monitoring program is simple with professional functionality and no technical expertise needed to work with software.

Software Features:

  • Software captures typed keyboard characters, captures windows screen snapshots, records clipboards activities, system date/time, instant chat sessions, sound clips etc.
  • Key logger software will not appear on the Desktop, Add/Remove programs, Startup Menu and even hidden from installation folder path.
  • Display login Session details and total keys pressed in the current session.
  • Mail the prepared log files of recorded data at user specified email ID.
  • Software automatically uploads the activity logs to Web server using FTP settings defined by you so that you can easily check the user computer working from anywhere.
  • Software provides option to generate the log files either in txt or html file format and convenient interface of recorded log view.
  • Password protected feature helps in restricting unauthorized user to modify the log files or change the software settings.
  • User-friendly graphical interface and easily be operated by technical and non-technical persons.

Area of Usage

  • Profitable program used for monitoring non-productive notorious computer activities of Company staffs, Children, Spouses, Friends and others.
  • Software helps Government agencies to control the Cyber theft performed by Cyber Stackers.
  • Profitable and cost-effective program used by Medium to Large Companies, Schools and Universities, Widespread Office locations etc.

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